Beauty Buys in the Baby Aisle

Yes, the baby aisle. Even if you’re not a parent, the baby aisle can be an incredibly useful place–it’s not all diapers and formula down there! Some amazing purchases can be made in the baby aisle that will save you money you would ordinarily be unloading in the beauty department. Today I’m going to highlight three of absolute must-haves tucked in between the A&D and the Huggies. Read on, beauty-nistas.

1. Baby Wipes


       [photo credit]

Baby wipes are the ideal make up remover in pretty much every way. I’ve been buying store brand baby wipes to remove my makeup for years and I swear by them. They’re quick and effective. Even my waterproof eyeliner swipes right off. They’re incredibly gentle, so not only will they not make you break out, they also won’t dry out your skin with harsh chemicals. And of course, they’re strong–just one wipes off all your make up with no problem and leaves your face clean and refreshed. Finally, they’re inexpensive. Even brand name baby wipes cost less than makeup remover wipes which do the same thing. Bonus: they’re also great for cleaning up little messes which may happen while doing your make up–hubby has a bit of an issue with it when I leave little bronzer explosions in the sink. ;-). Let’s just wipe those away, shall we?


Huggies Simply Clean Fragrance Free Baby Wipes $1.99 vs. Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes $8.99 [photo credit]

Savings: $7.00

2. Baby Shampoo


[photo credit]

Do yourself a favor and don’t spend between ten and thirty dollars on fancy makeup brush shampoo and soaps. Instead, spend a few bucks on a bottle of baby shampoo. The classic gentle formula is perfect for washing brushes–it gets them squeaky clean without using any harsh chemicals or anything which your skin might react to once brushes come in contact with it. Wash brushes with a mixture of one part baby shampoo and one part warm water. Rinse thoroughly with warm water, reshape bristles, and lay on a towel to dry. Voila.


Johnson’s Baby Shampoo-$3.61 vs. Mineral Fusion Brush Cleaner-$12.00 [photo credit]

Savings: $8.39

3. Baby Powder


[photo credit]

Baby powder is the new dry shampoo–or rather, the old dry shampoo…? I learned this trick from my mom as a teenager. If you don’t have time to shower and your roots aren’t looking so hot or you’re rocking second day hair, brush baby powder into you roots with a fluffy make up brush and through your strands with your hairbrush to liven locks right up. Or, you can take my approach and scrub it through roots with fingers, then flip your head over and scrunch some all through your hair. Either way, the light powder formula soaks up extra grease and oils, making hair look good as new. No complaints here!


Walgreens Brand Baby Powder – $1.50 vs. Big Sexy Hair Dry Shampoo-$14.50 [photo credit]

Savings: $13.00

These are all major go-tos for me and I hope you all have gotten some useful and money saving tips today…don’t forget to always think outside the box and keep an open mind..even if it means beauty shopping alongside towering shelves of diapers. 🙂


5 responses to “Beauty Buys in the Baby Aisle

  1. britt

    Great tips! Nothing better than getting important items cheap.

  2. Hmmmm…baby wipes for makeup remover. Wow.

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