Beauty Buys in the Baby Aisle

Yes, the baby aisle. Even if you’re not a parent, the baby aisle can be an incredibly useful place–it’s not all diapers and formula down there! Some amazing purchases can be made in the baby aisle that will save you money you would ordinarily be unloading in the beauty department. Today I’m going to highlight three of absolute must-haves tucked in between the A&D and the Huggies. Read on, beauty-nistas.

1. Baby Wipes


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Baby wipes are the ideal make up remover in pretty much every way. I’ve been buying store brand baby wipes to remove my makeup for years and I swear by them. They’re quick and effective. Even my waterproof eyeliner swipes right off. They’re incredibly gentle, so not only will they not make you break out, they also won’t dry out your skin with harsh chemicals. And of course, they’re strong–just one wipes off all your make up with no problem and leaves your face clean and refreshed. Finally, they’re inexpensive. Even brand name baby wipes cost less than makeup remover wipes which do the same thing. Bonus: they’re also great for cleaning up little messes which may happen while doing your make up–hubby has a bit of an issue with it when I leave little bronzer explosions in the sink. ;-). Let’s just wipe those away, shall we?


Huggies Simply Clean Fragrance Free Baby Wipes $1.99 vs. Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes $8.99 [photo credit]

Savings: $7.00

2. Baby Shampoo


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Do yourself a favor and don’t spend between ten and thirty dollars on fancy makeup brush shampoo and soaps. Instead, spend a few bucks on a bottle of baby shampoo. The classic gentle formula is perfect for washing brushes–it gets them squeaky clean without using any harsh chemicals or anything which your skin might react to once brushes come in contact with it. Wash brushes with a mixture of one part baby shampoo and one part warm water. Rinse thoroughly with warm water, reshape bristles, and lay on a towel to dry. Voila.


Johnson’s Baby Shampoo-$3.61 vs. Mineral Fusion Brush Cleaner-$12.00 [photo credit]

Savings: $8.39

3. Baby Powder


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Baby powder is the new dry shampoo–or rather, the old dry shampoo…? I learned this trick from my mom as a teenager. If you don’t have time to shower and your roots aren’t looking so hot or you’re rocking second day hair, brush baby powder into you roots with a fluffy make up brush and through your strands with your hairbrush to liven locks right up. Or, you can take my approach and scrub it through roots with fingers, then flip your head over and scrunch some all through your hair. Either way, the light powder formula soaks up extra grease and oils, making hair look good as new. No complaints here!


Walgreens Brand Baby Powder – $1.50 vs. Big Sexy Hair Dry Shampoo-$14.50 [photo credit]

Savings: $13.00

These are all major go-tos for me and I hope you all have gotten some useful and money saving tips today…don’t forget to always think outside the box and keep an open mind..even if it means beauty shopping alongside towering shelves of diapers. 🙂


Budget Beauty Shopping Tips

1. More expensive does not always equal better.


Budget beauty-nistas know know it’s not about the number on the price tag. Just because something costs more doesn’t mean it is automatically better. This is another one of those common misconceptions society has impressed upon us…that lots of money=better. You can get perfectly good products while still saving money! There is nothing wrong with inexpensive beauty products, drugstore brand names or even generics, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

2. Be choosy


I’m tempted to heap every single thing on the shelf into my shopping basket sometimes, too, but it’s just not realistic. Even though you can get great products for cheap, keep in mind that not all products are created equal. Go ahead and read the ingredients, hop on Google on your phone and check out some product reviews, or compare similar products and find what will work best for you. It’s your money, so spend it wisely!

3. Shop like you’re on a tight budget, even if you’re not.


Sometimes when we do have extra spending money and can afford to buy lots of new products, we fall into the trap of spending indiscriminately. I’ve done it–I know all about it. But it’s not always the best way to go for either your budget or your beauty product collection. I find that when I have a very small amount of money to work with, I’m much more budget-conscious and choosy about which products I buy (as seen in rule number two). I read ingredients, compare carefully, and don’t necessarily grab the first thing I see. I take a look and make sure it really is a good value. How much of this product am I getting for my money? How much use will I be able to get out of this? Is there another brand that does the same things or offers the same benefits for less money? It may sound silly, but I find that if I pretend I’m tight on money and don’t have the luxury to spend, I will be much more careful and make sure I am getting good quality products for a good price. Consider only heading to the store to shop for makeup with a certain amount of cash, and not allowing yourself to go get more from the ATM or swipe your card. That way you limit yourself to just what money you have and more carefully consider your purchases. It sounds silly, but it works!

4. Know what you already have.


This is very important. Know what you already do have and don’t have in your beauty stash before you head out shopping. Part of this is keeping your collection well organized and visible, which is a topic in and of itself which I will address! But there’s nothing like spending money on an eyeshadow palette and getting it home only to realize that you already have eyeshadow singles in shades remarkably similar to three of the shades in the palette. It’s incredibly disappointing and a waste of money which you could have spent on something you didn’t already have or which would have diversified your beauty stash much more. The way to avoid this is to know what you have so you can make smart shopping decisions, get the most bang for your buck, and also keep your go to essentials replenished as needed.

5. Sometimes you just have to try it.


It seems a little counter intuitive to tip four, but sometimes it is worth it to take a chance on something. If you have a few extra bucks, give it a shot! You never know what you’ll find that may be your new favorite product or maybe even works better than something else you have tried before. One of my absolute favorite products is a little jar of rose silver all over shimmer powder by Payless Shoe Source’s cosmetics line, Unforgettable Moments. I picked it up on sale for one dollar while out one day, figuring, hey for one dollar it’s worth it. If I love it, I got an awesome product for cheap. If I don’t love it, at least I only spent a dollar on it! It turned out great! It’s the perfect shade, not too shimmery, and just a touch of color and shine to brighten up my face for going out or just glamming up a look a little bit. Wen prices are like that, these are the chances we have to sometimes take to find new little gems that could end up saving you money in the long run–a new budget beauty find.

6. Think outside the box.


Don’t limit yourself just to the beauty aisles at Target, Walmart, CVS, Rite-Aid, etc. Branch out a little and don’t be afraid to think outside the box for budget beauty options. Consider home delivery options like Avon for good buys–their sale catalogs can have incredible deals and their regular catalogs are also a good source for high quality beautiful essentials as well. I’ve found quite a few lovely eyeshadows and colored glosses. They’re also a good option for fragrances.

Also consider great online sources like e.l.f. cosmetics at for extremely inexpensive deals, frequent, sales, and wonderful gift sets (and there’s nothing wrong with gifting yourself a little something). e.l.f. is a fantastic resource for tools and brushes as well as stocking up on colorful cosmetics and trying new things (a great place to experiment because their prices are so affordable). Another good online resource is the classic who have reliable prices and surprisingly good sales and special offers.

Finally, another underestimated budget beauty resource I just have to include: Sally’s Beauty Supply. Do not fear the red canopied stores! Too many consumers think Sally’s is exclusively for beauty professionals or that their high quality products will come hand in hand with high prices–neither of which are true! Sally’s is there for you, for me, for all of us–they are open to the public! Additionally, they have an incredible selection, good quality, and reasonable prices. Plus, for a real bargain, shop their Sally Girl line for small but amazing goodies like highly pigmented baked eyeshadows, super smooth lipsticks, and trial size nail polishes all in the range of one dollar–sometimes less!

This concludes the budget beauty shopping tips I have for all my fellow product lovers. I hope you like them! Feel free to share your thoughts or any of your own beauty shopping tips and tricks in the comments!


There are many facets to my personality, but one which has always stood out is my adoration of beauty and cosmetics. I remember starting out as a fresh faced preteen with my Art Stuff Shimmer Palettes from Bath and Body Works and my Dr. Pepper Bonne Bell lip balm (remember the lip balm necklaces and key rings?) and just being positively enamored with all the jars and bottles and tubes and pots and beautiful colors with captivating names like Dusty Rose, Ballerina Slipper, and Autumn Sunset.
Back then I was drawn more to chunky glitter and metallic lilac, and though I’ve come a long way since then, some 13 years later I am just as enamored with beauty as always…some things never change.
Inexplicably drawn to the “Health and Beauty” aisles of any department store and prone to poring over the endcaps and everything in between at my local drugstores, I’ve found myself contemplating a different side of the beauty fascination: the monetary side.

It seems there is a bit of a stigma in society in general that money equals beauty, and without those big bucks you won’t have nice skin,  the perfect smokey eye, or a stunning red lip. I love a good glossy magazine and you’ll find stacks of the gorgeously produced and masterfully edited publications all around my house, guaranteed. But so often I find myself shaking my head over the pages as they recommend hundred dollar eyeshadow palettes or glosses which cost as much as a tank of gas. I have the utmost respect for both the beauty editors at these mags and also the cosmetic companies which have built empires worshiped by thousands of women but let’s be real with each other for a moment: we don’t all have that kind of money.

Whether you’re a struggling college student, a working mom, just starting out, or just an incredibly budget conscious individual, I’m creating this blog for you. I know how you feel and I know what it’s like to be a self-proclaimed “beauty junkie” with a limited pocketbook. But you shouldn’t have to give up what you love just because you’re not made of money or because you have your spending priorities in line. If creating different looks and expressing yourself through makeup is important to you, these things do matter. And if it makes you happy, you should do it.

I’m sure some people will say it’s frivolous or there are better things to worry about, but I think there are enough girls and women out there who know that when you have ten dollars to spend on makeup, you want to be sure you don’t drop six of it on an eyeshadow palette that’s going to shatter within ten minutes, get everywhere and translate poorly from package to face. I’ve been there.

So, tangental beauty rant aside, welcome to my new blog! I hope all you other budget beauty junkies will come along with me on this journey to show that you don’t have to dish out major dough to create a great look or get good quality products. Come along with me for product reviews, looks within your budget, suggestions, tips, color combos, and more. I’m excited to blog, share, and discuss with all of you, be it beauty or whatever related topics come up (cute winter jackets? yoga? best kinds of tea? Hey, I’m game!).

Feel free to share thoughts in the comments! I love a good discussion, but be nice, and remember you get what you give. 🙂