There are many facets to my personality, but one which has always stood out is my adoration of beauty and cosmetics. I remember starting out as a fresh faced preteen with my Art Stuff Shimmer Palettes from Bath and Body Works and my Dr. Pepper Bonne Bell lip balm (remember the lip balm necklaces and key rings?) and just being positively enamored with all the jars and bottles and tubes and pots and beautiful colors with captivating names like Dusty Rose, Ballerina Slipper, and Autumn Sunset.
Back then I was drawn more to chunky glitter and metallic lilac, and though I’ve come a long way since then, some 13 years later I am just as enamored with beauty as always…some things never change.
Inexplicably drawn to the “Health and Beauty” aisles of any department store and prone to poring over the endcaps and everything in between at my local drugstores, I’ve found myself contemplating a different side of the beauty fascination: the monetary side.

It seems there is a bit of a stigma in society in general that money equals beauty, and without those big bucks you won’t have nice skin,  the perfect smokey eye, or a stunning red lip. I love a good glossy magazine and you’ll find stacks of the gorgeously produced and masterfully edited publications all around my house, guaranteed. But so often I find myself shaking my head over the pages as they recommend hundred dollar eyeshadow palettes or glosses which cost as much as a tank of gas. I have the utmost respect for both the beauty editors at these mags and also the cosmetic companies which have built empires worshiped by thousands of women but let’s be real with each other for a moment: we don’t all have that kind of money.

Whether you’re a struggling college student, a working mom, just starting out, or just an incredibly budget conscious individual, I’m creating this blog for you. I know how you feel and I know what it’s like to be a self-proclaimed “beauty junkie” with a limited pocketbook. But you shouldn’t have to give up what you love just because you’re not made of money or because you have your spending priorities in line. If creating different looks and expressing yourself through makeup is important to you, these things do matter. And if it makes you happy, you should do it.

I’m sure some people will say it’s frivolous or there are better things to worry about, but I think there are enough girls and women out there who know that when you have ten dollars to spend on makeup, you want to be sure you don’t drop six of it on an eyeshadow palette that’s going to shatter within ten minutes, get everywhere and translate poorly from package to face. I’ve been there.

So, tangental beauty rant aside, welcome to my new blog! I hope all you other budget beauty junkies will come along with me on this journey to show that you don’t have to dish out major dough to create a great look or get good quality products. Come along with me for product reviews, looks within your budget, suggestions, tips, color combos, and more. I’m excited to blog, share, and discuss with all of you, be it beauty or whatever related topics come up (cute winter jackets? yoga? best kinds of tea? Hey, I’m game!).

Feel free to share thoughts in the comments! I love a good discussion, but be nice, and remember you get what you give. 🙂