Highlighter Yellow Nails

Today I want to do my first product review for you all. This is a product that was actually a little impulse buy, and at a measly $1.99, a guilt free one at that!

I’ve been seeing a lot from Wet’n’Wild lately. Fergie has a new polish line with them, they’ve recently debuted their Spoiled nail line, and, nearing the lovely holiday of Halloween, their Fantasy Makers line has recently hit shelves, as well. So one day when I was browsing my local CVS and I saw a display of the new Spoiled polish line, I couldn’t resist snatching up a neon, highlighter yellow shade named a kitschy “Did I Dye It Too Blonde?” for just under two dollars.

Spoiled is a CVS exclusive line of nail polishes which Wet’n’Wild describes as a “delightfully decadent, salon quality” line “in every shade and finish imaginable.”

I have an undeniable weakness for neon colors and anytime I spot a new one and have a few bucks, you’ll probably find me buying it. I picked this one up about two weeks ago and was really excited to finally get a chance to try it out.

“Did I Dye It Too Blonde?” is promoted as a member of Spoiled’s sub-line, the “Gala-Ween” line, touted with displays of girls in gorgeously embellished masquerade costumes with cute captions such as, “I don’t do creepy Halloween…I party in style! While everyone else is looking ghoulish, I make sure I look gorgeous.” The line features some other great colors, too, like a neon pink called “Tip Your Waitress” (which I wouldn’t mind adding to my collection) and a super bright green entitled “Permission to Proceed”.

In the bottle, the shade looks like a solid, neon yellow, as if a highlighter has been broken open and poured into a bottle. I probably should’ve known it wouldn’t look like this on my nails, but in my excitement to buy this awesome neon, that fact never crossed my mind. The shade goes on a completely see through funky yellow, as if I had literally taken a highlighter and colored on my nails with it. I kept painting up until I realized it would take about 17 coats to achieve the desired color. At first I was a little disappointed, but fear not…I have a solution.

This is a moment in which I had to employ one of my little beauty cheats which I’ve been doing for a couple of years now: Anytime you have a very translucent shade which you wish to come across more pigmented and with a lot more punch, the best way to make it happen without layering on so many coats of polish that your nails become an actual fire hazard is to start with a white base. Begin with your usual base coat and, once dry, paint on two coats of your go-to shade of opaque white. I used Sally Hansen Hard as Nails French Tip White; it doesn’t have a thin French tip brush so it’s easy to use as an all over shade. Any opaque white will do; chances are you have one in your menagerie of colors if you’ve ever done an at home French mani. If you don’t, there are lots available inexpensively from Sally Hansen, Wet’n’Wild, and many other lines.

Once your white base is in place, you’ve essentially transformed from coloring with highlighter on bare nails to coloring with highlighter on white paper. And where is it going to show up better? White paper, of course!

With my white base, “Did I Dye It Too Blonde?” painted on exactly as I had originally imagined it would: a stand out neon with lots of pigment!

With my base and the neon yellow, I have about five coats of polish on here, but I was able to achieve the desired look for just a few dollars. One tip I will give you if you are going to use the white base beauty cheat is to make sure the white base is flawless. This color is so sheer, every little flaw in the white will show through, so keep that white base nice and smooth.

As for the Spoiled line, the only thing I didn’t like about this polish was that the color initially came out of the bottle much more transparent than expected. Everything else lived up to Wet’n’Wild’s advertisement of the line. Spoiled goes on very smoothly, with a wide brush perfect for even coverage. It’s not a fast dry polish, but it wasn’t one of those super tacky polishes that gets messed up easily. Even with all those coats, I was able to play with my puppy after about fifteen or twenty minutes without smudging it (and she’s pretty furry).

Overall, for less than the price of a Starbucks coffee, I think Spoiled nail polish is a worthy buy, and if you’re into neons like I am, I recommend snatching up this vivid shade. If you’re not a fan of neons, they have a wide array of everything from pale to dark to glittery. I’ve already picked up a great deep burgundy shade called “I Don’t Drink Cheap Wine” which I am excited to try.

Has anyone else tried the Spoiled line? Comments welcome!

Happy painting!